A little bit about me...

I was born in the town of Mt Gambier in South Australia. It is famous for the Blue Lake which supplies the town water in an extinct volcano. Apart from that, the rest of my life was pretty normal - a small Australian country town raised within an Italian subculture. I now live on Brisbane in the sunny state of Queensland in Australia.
Currently, I enjoy a range of stuff:

  • Raising my boy
  • Looking after my Cats
  • Working in my Shed
  • Lead lighting
  • Puzzles
  • Dreaming of being in an 80s pop band
  • Football (the world game) - Azzurri, Socceroos, Man Utd, Inter Milan, Qld Roar

I was fascinated by Marilyn Monroe as a young adult. As I am now older, perhaps wiser, I enjoy Italian Pop artists (eg Laura Pausini and Giorgia) and my old 80’s pop songs (eg Prince and Spandau Ballet) and dream of playing a DX7 synth.

See my LinkedIn page for my professional background and my Semantic Identity consulting web site.

My Cats (Over the years)